Where Is My Water Shut Off Valve?

Where is my water shut off valve? In most cases, this valve is on the outside wall of your home, either in your basement or on an exterior wall. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where you get your water from a municipal supply, your shutoff valve is likely located right at the street. There are a few things to remember when shutting off water from your house, however. Keeping this information in mind will make it easier for you to identify the location of your valve when the time comes.

A main water shut off valve is a critical part of home plumbing. It controls the flow of water from a public or private source into your home. To turn off water to your entire house, you need to turn this valve in a clockwise direction. If the valve is open, water will flow freely into your house. If you find that it is closed, turn the valve in a counter-clockwise direction to block the water.

Another location to look for your shut-off valve is in a closet in the front of your home. It might be located in a linen closet or small coat closet. Look for a valve that looks like a garage water shut off valve, but is located higher up. Whatever location it is, you will want to find it. If you do not find your valve, it is likely in the garage. Alternatively, it may be located right by your water heater.

If you cannot locate your shut-off valve, you can contact the water company that provided your service. Most homeowners will find a main valve, and another shut-off valve for their water heater. A second water shut off is usually found on a separate valve near the plumbing hose connection. If you cannot find it, you should call the field office of the water company to shut off your water. It is possible that a crew is working in the neighborhood.

If you are not sure where your water shut off valve is located, your property inspection report will show you where it is. It is located in the utility room of the house, or on an exterior wall near the water meter. If you don’t know where your shut off valve is located, a plumber may be able to help. If you cannot find it, they can also install one for you. It will give you peace of mind and a swift action plan.

The best way to shut off water is to turn off the main water valve before you notice a problem. A single leak may only create an inch of water on the ground, but it can cause a flood. A quick response can prevent complete loss of property. If you find a leak or other malfunction, shut off the water at the source. This can save you money and prevent more damage from occurring. A home’s water shut off valve is a vital part of your property protection.

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