When your sewer line is broken, it can cause a lot of trouble. Sewer line repair is a vital part to keeping your home clean, safe and healthy. When you’re noticing signs that your sewer lines may be broken- use this information as an early warning system so we can help get it taken care of before there’s any major problems or injuries associated with plumbing issue. Problems related to plumbing are not always easy to diagnose. Here are some signs that your sewer pipe may be broken.

1. Crawlers and Critters:

You need to keep an eye out for creatures like rats or mice that can cause broken sewers. They can create their own in your home by compressing small cracks in the sewer line. Due to stagnant water, cracked drainage pipe is a breeding ground for insects. This allows these pests to quickly. This can pose a serious health risk. If you find any leaks in the drains, it is important for your safety, so you should take immediate action.

2. Mold and Mildew:

If you notice black or green mold or mildew spreading rapidly throughout your home, especially sink or bathroom faucets. This will create an unpleasant odor in the bathroom. It is caused by water or sewage insulation from a broken sewer path. If you notice discoloration or new mold growth in your drain or pipelines, you should resolve the situation immediately.

3. Gassy Smell or Foul Odour:

Prolonged exposure to the sewer system can lead to an odor or gas-like odor from your drains. If you detect this stench, your sewer will break and need to be repaired. An intact main sewer should be airtight and prevent odors from escaping from the pipes.

4. Slow Drains:

If the water takes a long time to drain or drains too slowly, this may be a sign that your sewer pipe is broken. If there is a break in the sewer line, the water will not move and it will try to get out of the pipe at any available outlet. Because of the high pressure in the pipes, the drains are filled with more water than they hold, so it takes longer to drain. So pay attention, if you experience slow drainage in more than one experience, check your pipes with plumbers.